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Quality Standards are clearly stated definitions of what is expected of employees and/or the organization’s goals. They are written as Operational Definitions which specify what is to be done, who is responsible, how the information can be verified, and the timeline for completion.

Quality Standards should be defined such that:

  they are measurable and observable so that all parties are clear on the meaning and whether or not the standard is being met,

  they are based on processes employees are expected to adhere to, or reflect outcomes to which employees and/or the organization aspires,

  the criteria to determine if the standard is being met are realistic and achievable, and

  are periodically revised to reflect higher goals.

A set of Quality Standards are then grouped as a PSR Survey, which together are assessed during a PSR Session on a regular basis (e.g., weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). Each standard is scored as either achieved or not achieved, and a total percentage achieved is scored at the end of the session.

Example Quality Standards

Below are two example Quality Standards. One is a Process Standard, and the second is an Outcome Standard.

Process Quality Standard: Skill Acquisition

Title: Met Consumer Skill Aquisition Objective
Operational Definition: Monthly progress reports show that individuals are meeting the skill acquisition objectives established for them on their annual plans. This Standard is considered "Achieved" if the last monthly progress report is in the person's file and shows that a prorated proportion of the annual objectives have been met.

Outcome Quality Standard: Target Behavior Reduction

Title: Met or Improved Consumer Monthly Objective
Operational Definition: Based on a review of the monthly reports for each consumer, this Standard is considered “Achieved” if the quarterly objective is met or indicates a trend in the intended direction (the rate is the lowest it has been on any previous report).