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The second key element of the PSR, Performance Monitoring, refers to the methods the organization uses to verify whether or not it is carrying out the Quality Standards. It can be thought of as the ongoing verification that employee responsibilities are being carried out. These are often done through random or scheduled spot checks, observations, or a review of documents. Performance Monitoring usually occurs prior to the session in which the scoring sheet is completed and the results of that monitoring are recorded on the scoring sheet for the corresponding performance standard.

The PSR, by design, diffuses much of the resistance that employees commonly have toward being monitored because of the emphasis on team participation at all stages. When Quality Standards are defined objectively as a team with the emphasis always on positive results, employees welcome the information gathered by the system.

Below is an example of how the performance of a particular Quality Standard is assessed during a PSR Scoring session. Note the location to indicate if the Standard was achieved or not for the considered Review Period, the Operational Definition, and the area to provide a description explaining why the Standard was achieved or not.