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The third element, Performance Feedback, is the action taken by management based on the results of the monitoring (i.e., the PSR score). When the score is determined, feedback is provided at every level to maintain or improve performance.

A critica l feature of the PSR system is that feedback is always positive and the focus is on both maintaining quality standards that are being met as well as improving in areas that are not being met. For example, when Quality Standards. are not met, management should express positive feedback to staff in that they now know where they stand and where resources or training should be focused. Feedback is participatory and given both bottom-up and top-down. Feedback is also immediate with emphasis on what actions will be taken by team members by the next scoring session to either maintain or improve the score.

Below is an example of a typical graph produced when a PSR Scoring session is complete. It shows the latest Score graphed with the history for the same Team. This allows for immediate feedback in terms of improvement.