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ePSR is customized specifically for each organization. The Quality Standards, scoring criteria, and time periods are developed for and by your organization. You can have as many or as few ePSR Surveys as you would like, depending on the needs of your company. An Account Manager from Sophia Enterprises assists you with these activities during the implementation phase. The Account Manager is responsible for assisting with your initial configuration set up and for training key members of your staff on the recommended use of the system.

Your organization also determines who has access to the system and who has various capabilities, such as scoring sessions, analyzing data, or editing information. Authorized users then have the ability to add or edit information whenever they wish, such as add new Quality Standards, add or delete employees or change the team composition.

The “Implementation Phase” is complete only when all employees or associates are added to the system, all teams (such as departments or divisions) are defined and added, and all Quality Standards and ePSR Surveys are developed and entered into the system.