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Members of an organization, such as managers or supervisors, are designated as facilitators who “run” ePSR Sessions. ePSR Sessions are conducted based on the frequency the organization determines necessary (e.g., Monthly, Quarterly, etc.).

At the time of an ePSR Session, the facilitator and applicable team members log on to the ePSR website and complete the appropriate ePSR Survey. At the end of the session, a score is automatically calculated. The information and resulting score is stored in the system database and can be pulled up at any time by that facilitator or another member of the organization who has the appropriate access and authority.

Once all items have been assessed and the resulting scores calculated, management and staff then determine what steps will be taken to either maintain or improve the score before the next scoring session or another agreed upon date. Those steps can be entered into the system along with task owners and due dates so the system can track progress towards completing the tasks; these tasks become the action plan.

A final step in the session is providing visual feedback to the employee or team. While verbal feedback is part of the running dialogue throughout the session, visual feedback is a key component of the basis of the PSR. A graph is electronically generated, providing a comparison to the previous sessions as well as the trend in the scores. At any point in time, all of the ePSR scores can be analyzed for a better understanding of trends.

An ePSR session should take no longer than 30 minutes, once all users are familiar with the system.